aparat za lasersko rezanje vlakana velike brzine za alatne strojeve za industrijske dijelove

industrial laser cutting machine


Materijali za prijavu

Oprema za lasersko rezanje vlakana pogodno je za rezanje metala sa nehrđajućim čeličnim limom, pločom od blagog čelika, limom od karbonskog čelika, pločicom od legure čelika, opružnim čeličnim limom, željeznom pločom, pocinčanim željezom, pocinkovanim listom, aluminijskom pločom, bakrenim listom, mesinganim listom, brončanom pločom, zlatnom pločom, Srebrna ploča, Titanijumska ploča, Metalni lim, Metalna ploča, cevi i cevi itd

Industrija aplikacija

AKCURNO Laserski strojevi za rezanje vlakna naširoko se koriste u proizvodnji reklamnih panoa, oglašavanja, znakova, natpisa, metalnih slova, LED slova, kuhinjskog roba, reklamnih slova, obrade limova, komponenti i dijelova metala, željezne opreme, šasije, regali i ormarića, obrade metala, metalnih umjetničkih proizvoda, Rezanje ploče lifta, hardver, auto-delovi, okvir naočala, elektronski delovi, natpisne pločice itd.

opis proizvoda

• Characteristics

1. Low Cost:

Photoelectric conversion rate is higher than 30%, highly saving energy and thus protecting environment. The photoelectric conversion of fiber laser cutting machine is 3 times higher than CO2 laser cutting machine

2. Excellent Laser Beam Quality:

Fiber laser has smaller focus diameter and highER work efficiency, high accuracy and cutting quality.

3. High Cutting accuracy:

Positioning accuracy of fiber laser cutter is 0.05mm, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.03 mm.
4. Stable Running:

Adopting the top world import fiber lasers, stable performance, key parts can reach 100,000 hours;

5. Excellent cutting effect:

Non-contact cutting make sure that the trimming is hardly affected by heat, therefore no thermal deformation of the workpiece, no need a second processing.

6. Saving materials:

The machine adopts Cypcut software. Using computer programming, you can cut different shapes of products, to maximize the utilization of materials.

7. Easy Operations:

Fber line transmission, no adjustment of optical path;

8. Super Flexible Optical Effects:

Compact design, compact and easy to flexible manufacturing requirements.

1. Machine bed

Stronger machine frame ensures a high capacity of loading and no easily deformation.

The cutting effect is highly guaranteed and the service time is longer.

2. Control system

With Cypcut Control system and software with English language, applicable insert files with DXF. Or AI format. Drawing in the software is also okay. Software with fly cutting mode for cutting same products for save time. With Nesting function, autonomic compose type for saving materials by saving spaces.

3. Fiber Laser source

Raycus 750W laser source

The photoelectric conversion more than 30%;

Working environment: 10-40 degree

Device with air-condition to keep it in normal temperature.

Lifetime:100000 hours

4. Driving system

Four sets of Japanese Panasonic drive motors.

Match-able with the transmission system, improve cutting speed and precision.

5. Gear Transmission

Gear- rack transmission system which with Taiwan Hiwin brand.

X and Y axis Moving speed can be max 80m/min.

6. Cooling system

When laser head cut metals, there will produce some hot energy in laser head and laser device. Water chiller is for cooling this two parts. Laser head part, mainly cooling the mirrors.

Temperature in the water chiller is auto adjustment, mainly set up with 25 degree around.

Water in chiller should be pure water.

Tehnički parametri

SPECIFICATIONS FOR LXF-1530 mašina za lasersko rezanje vlakana
China domestic famous cutting head
Yaskawa stepper motor and driver
Gear transmission
Hiwin square guide rails
Imported from France
CYPCUT from shanghai, China
3 PHASE AC 380V 50HZ
3000*1500 MM

Brzi detalji

Primjena: Lasersko rezanje
Stanje: Novo
Tip lasera: Fiber laser
Primenljivi materijal: Metal
Cutting Thickness: 0-8mm carbon steel
Površina košenja: 1500 * 3000mm
Cutting Speed:50m/min
CNC ili ne: Da
Način hlađenja: Vodeno hlađenje
Control Software: Cypcut control system
Graphic Format Supported: AI, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, PLT
Mjesto porijekla: Anhui, Kina (kopno)
Naziv marke: ACCURL
Model Number: LXF-1530
Certifikat: CE, ISO
Dostavljena usluga: Inženjeri dostupni za servisiranje strojeva u inozemstvu
Laser power: 750W (Optional 300, 500w, 1kw)
Working area:1500mmX3000mm (W/L)
Fiber source: Raycus fiber source
Working voltage: 380v 50hz at 3 phases
Working Table: Sawtooth table
Driving system: Japanese YASKAWA servo motor
Repositioning resolution:±0.05mm/m
Axial positioning accuracy: ±0.04mm/m
Cooling system: Industrial water chiller 1.2P
Cutting head: China famous brand