ultratlačna mašina za rezanje vodenim mlazom 3020

Tlak mašine za rezanje mlazom vode


Water jet cutting, ultra-high pressure stroj za rezanje mlazom vode is to ordinary water through an ultra-high pressure presses, the water pressure to 3000bar, and then through the channel diameter of 0.3mm water nozzle produces a water jet about 3 times the speed of sound, Under the control of the computer can be easily cut any graphics soft materials, such as paper, sponge, fiber, etc., if added to increase the cutting power of sand, you can cut almost any material.

Water jet cutting machine consists of four parts,water jet cutting table( cnc controller),water jet cutting head,water jet abrasive feeder system and waterjet intensifier pump.


Cutting tablemodel13132015302040206020customized
Strukturagantry water cutting platform/cantiler series cutting platform
TravelX axis1300mm2000mm3000mm4000mm6000mm
Y axis1300mm1500mm2000mm2000mm2000mm
BrzinaMax.move speed (x axis and y axis)6000mm / min
Max.move speed (z axis)1000 mm / min
TačnostPositing Accuracy0.127mm
Repeat Accuracy±0.076mm
Water tank maximum Loading Capacity300Kg/m2
Rezna glava3 axis / 5 axis
Movement : Linear motion/Rotary motion
15 inch LCD montior
Podržava DXF i NC kodnu datoteku
Softver: Windows XP
Resistance of the shoch and electro-magntic
Ključna funkcija
Forward & Backward processing function
Funkcija ravnomernog upravljanja tempom
Funkcija automatske obrade brzine malih lukova
Funkcija obrade krugova
Djelomični i glatki načini obrade
Max. inlet air pressure      0.2-0.4 Mpa
Min. inlet air flow           0.028m3/min
Abrasive capacity           170 L
Air valve to prevent jams and breakages      Self sealing
Auto control with CNC auxiliary function        Slightly adjust the FLOW
Intensifier pump/
direct drive pump
intensifier pump direct drive pump
Reted power : 50HP (37 KW)Max.pressure : 60000psi (4137 bar)Control voltage and cuttent : 24DC,10AMPSReted power 30HP (22KW)Output pressure : 55000psiMax.pressure : 60000psi (4137 bar)
Ambient temperature : 5-40 ºCFuel tank capacity :114LCooling flow : 11.4L/MINAir: 80-120psiOperating voltage and power:210-240/360-420V 50HZAmbient temperature : 5-40 ºC
Attenuation : 1LLong : 1473 MMWidth : 1205 MMMin.inlet water : 60psi 1 gallon/min.Pump speed: 720 rmpFuel tank capacity : 2.6 L
water jet maintenance kithigh pressure repair kit
low pressure repair kit
switch rapair kit
check valve repair kit
pcv repair kit
dynamic seal repair kit
minor maintenance kit
major maintenance kit

Water jet cutting table

cutting table,water tank and cnc control system

Water jet cutting head

3 axis ECL abrasive cutting head/ 5 axis water jet cutting head

Company Product

Major Products
stroj za rezanje mlazom vodewater jet intensifier pump
water jet cutting  head( 3 axis and 5 axis )waterjet intensifier (60k and 87k)
waterjet spare partswater jet maintenance kit
high pressure tubeTee,Blbow,Coulping,Insert,Plug,Adapter
Superior product
94 ksi high pressure waterjet partswaterjet direct drive parts
waterjet direct drive pumpCustomize cutting table

Packing and Shipping

Water jet cutting machine spare part package : soft packing inside ,carton packing outside.

water jet cutting machine package : wooden package

The package ways is also can according to the requirement of customer

Osnovne informacije
Model NO.: 3020
Type: Three-Axis
Code: Yh3020
Weight: 3700 Kg
Certificate: Ce
Garancija: Jedna godina
Cutting Thickness: 6-200mm
Rated Power: 37 Kw
Max. Pressure: 60000psi
Napon: 220V / 380V
Cutting Material: Rubber, Foam, Plastic, Composite, Stone, Metal
Zaštitni znak: ACCURL
Transport Package: Wooden Packing Outside
Specification: 3000mm*2000mm
Porijeklo: Anhui, Kina


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